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Alternator rotor repair before.


This is a rotor which is part of a Valeo alternator. This is very common fault and is seriously in need of repair.



Alternator rotor repair after.


This is after the repair and shows how the slip rings and regulator brushes should look like.You don't always have to buy a new regulator. The average cost of this repair is just £65 including cleaning out the unit and greasing of the bearing. The pictures above are a view of the internal components of a alternator.



Engine light on caused by built up of carbon deposits in EGR.


Most engine light faults can be caused by simple carbon built up as picture above. These parts may just need cleaning rather then spending over £100 on a new EGR valve.



Dust contaminated starter motor


Some starter faults that cause overrun or make the unit stick can just be caused by dust contamination. This can be fixed for just £25.M C Alternators will fully strip the starter and clean the shaft and the drive and not just what you see on the outside.



Alternator removed on Renault Megane Scenic


This is how to remove an alternator from a Renault Megane/Scenic. Just remove the front end and then it's easy.



Or own reconditioned Alternator.


Example of Our Reconditioned Alternators.



M.C. Alternators Logo.


Our Logo



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