Dash Cams and Taxi CCTV

Did you know that police, courts and insurance companies rely more on footage taken from your car or Van?

Did you know that MC Alternators is the sole installer for new Taxi CCTV systems in Warrington and is an approved installer for Warrington Borough Council?

Do you want to save on your insurance excess costs, especially if it’s not your fault?

This what MC Alternators can offer:

High spec. and latest technology internal/external vehicle CCTV for professional use. Prices from £420.   The data controller may be required and fees may apply.

HD dash cams that are discreet with both front and rear-facing cameras with wide angle views. This also come with an SDcard and you can both view and record on both cameras, for public use. Price from £220

Advantages of using MC Alternators for your installation:

Safe and professional install of your system.

Staff are easily approachable and offer you guidance on how your system works.

Full support in the unlikely event your system fails.

Full 12-month warranty.

Disadvantages of not having this product:

Loss of no claims on your insurance and higher premiums, due to a third party denying responsibility.

Unable to prove to the police that you were driving responsibly. In the event of an incident.

Please refer to the information commissioners office for details on data control.

Are you annoyed by bad drivers breaking the laws of the road, that endangers yourself and others? If yes then let’s make the roads safer by submitting your Dash Cam footage here.