Taxi CCTV booking and information


Please fill in this google form if you wish to have either a new or existing system fitted to your vehicle.

Online Taxi CCTV form.

Not sure on how many cameras you need?

If you have a mini bus or car with all seats facing forward then you only require one camera.

If you have a vehicle with rear facing seats you will need two cameras.

If you have rear facing seats and a bulk head that separates the front seats from the rear you may need three cameras. Please call for price.


About your local installer

Your local technician is Mark, he has been an Auto Electrician at Bridgefoot since 1993. He is also a qualified auto electrician, and has been self employed from 2010, trading as M.C. Alternators. Mark has been appointed Chief installer for 4eyez  , he also trains up fitters within the North west of England.

MC Alternators mainly covers the installations for Warrington as well as offering installs to drivers in  the Greater Manchester area and Rossendale.

4eyes also supply and install for the Rotherham council.


Equipment Description

Please note Some of these functions are restricted depending on the local councils stipulations.

The HDVR unit consists of the following major components:

Standard Components and Features

· Extruded aluminum case (the case is anodised in black).
· Front and rear panels.
· Mother Board.
· Powercables.
· Power input 2 amp fuses (2).
· Tamper proof and lockable security enclosure.
· SD card.

Optional Components and Features

· GPS speed and location data overlay.
· Extension cable for easy connection and installation.

Product Main Features

· Embedded operating system, assuring reliability and system integrity.
· Records up to four channels of full-motion colour video with corresponding audio tracks.
· H.264 High Profile video compression.
· Total Record resource up to 120 1080P frame/second.
· Lockable security enclosure.
· Front panel USB2 port for recording to a flash card as an optional storage device.
· Ignition sense that provides DVR power-on in recording mode when the vehicle is started.
· Power-off delay record when the  vehicle is shut-down with local council selected delay times.

Video And Audio

· H.264 High Profile video compression, real time recording 1080p30, 720p30 and 540p30 for each channel. Frame rate adjustable for each channel.
· Audio compression:16bit 48KHz AAC codec. This codec offers high compression with high quality audio.
· 1080Presolution for each channel, which means each channel support1920x1080 @30fps.
· Support 4 channel real time1080Pvideo and 4 channel audio recording.
· Real time live HD video and audio through WiFi, support Windows, Android and iOS
· Recorded HD video and audio real time playback over WiFi

Some of these functions are restricted depending on the local councils stipulations.

GPS Time Synchronization & Time Zone

· Synchronize the DVR system time with GPS automatically
· Support All Time Zones Worldwide
· Support DST (Daylight Saving Time)

Some of these functions are restricted depending on the local councils stipulations.

Power Management

· Reliable power management, wide voltage: +8V~+32VDC; The power input is protected against short positive transient (1500 watts peak pulse power capability with a 10×1000 us waveform); The power input is protected against negative voltage. Applicable for vehicles with +12V or +24V battery.

· The recorder provides each camera with stable +12V DC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
· Can use ignition to control the power.
· DVR can monitor battery voltage after Ignition off, and auto into sleep mode when voltage is bellow specified level.

Warrington specification with panic button for voice control.